MAN DIESEL & TURBO: Dakar, Senegal
September 4, 2017


Oversaw project logistics, vendor relationships, budget management, contract negotiation and other related projects. Key player in analysis, development, and implementation of strategic business plans & policies, ensuring organizational growth, targeting maximum profitability & cost effectiveness. Deployed plans & policies related to supply chain management for efficiently controlling inventory and ensured adequate stock and replenishment based on demand/supply forecasts for smooth flow of business operations; while ensuring an error free system by keeping a check on day today activity..

Projects & Accomplishments: • More than 700 MW turnkey fast track projects successfully installed on 8 weeks average lead-time and under budget in countries like : Senegal, Ivory Coast, Niger, Tunisia, Angola, Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania, Benin, Guinea, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar, giving critical electricity to thousands of people. • Successfully led a number of pilot projects because of success ratios and ability to build and lead multicultural teams like the implementation of decisive lean projects including waste reduction in commissioning stocks by more than 60%, (200K$ savings per project) demobilization readiness anticipating all paperwork and processes allowing shipping back all fleet containers from 90 to 30 days following decommissioning, then improving fleet utilization ratio as well as initiating programs like best QHSE subcontractor award leading to reduce incidents during installation and commissioning phases. • Implemented projects costs database helping sales team optimize P&L based on real project costs then increasing profitability. • Highly contributed on building Group project management policies and best practices.